About US

About Our services

Family Towncar was found with a motive to offer residents and tourists visiting the Eastside area a convenient and reliable car service. Since inception, Family Towncar has been offering state-of-the-art car rental services at some of the most affordable prices. What appears like merely a pick-up and drop-off car service winged by a reservation model at the surface, has additional service layers underneath in the form of attention to detail and quality logistics, to make your ride timely and seamless.

Safe and secure service

At Family Towncar, we are geared at offering safe and secure transportation services. We have a strict filtration process, and we take experienced drivers on board, so you have the best car service at your disposal. Our drivers are extremely professional and courteous, and will make sure that you reach the specified destination on time. We understand that there are some events like proms and weddings where you may look for a more personable chauffeur. Family Towncar takes all these aspects into consideration when you call in to make a reservation, so you have your ride planned to your liking.

Family Towncar is accustomed to juggling with many rides round the clock everyday. Leisure traveler make bookings for city tours, and business executives for corporate meetings, each looking at saving valuable time or making it on time, and we're here to do just the job. We cater to airport transportation trips alongside local trips in Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah, Sammamish, and the Eastside Area, offering prompt and timely car service.

Always at your service

Our vast fleet pool allows us to allocate rides during peak hours when our schedules are full, or last-minute bookings. We try our best to accommodate all our reservations even on the busiest days, so our customers always have someone to rely on. We have easy booking processes in place in the form of online reservation and call reservation channels, that allow customers to set up their sedan or limousine service in no time.

Our logistics unit ensures that there are none of the notorious mess-ups that are likely to occur while handling multiple car reservations, so your ride arrives at your destination of choice on time. Our fleet vehicles are integrated with the central network through computerized systems. This allows us to easily manage the dispatch of transport vehicles based on the queued reservations within no time, without any communication glitches. Our fleet of vehicles themselves are tested, tweaked and upgraded time and again, so they are in good condition, and do not breakdown in the middle of a ride, while smoothly cruise through the city.

Our sustenance and expansion has been as a result of our loyal and growing customer base. We constantly try to accommodate and reinvent our services, while keeping the core services the same, so they are aligned with the changing needs and demands of the diverse customer base.

Get ready to experience what a smooth, hassle-free affordable ride feels like, with Family Towncar!

Call us on 425-678-5588 or fill out our online reservation form to book your ride.